Our services

Inprotec Ltd today provides the full TBRC plant solution to its customers for PGM applications which we do not believe can be replicated by any other company;


Process System Design Study

in conjunction with JW Technologies provide the full heat and mass balance for the TBRC process phases and off gas treatment, along with the process route definition and equipment specification required for the process.


Pre-Engineering Design

provide a concept design of the TBRC plant mechanical solution including the control and automation methodology to provide a full understanding of what will be implemented and fixed costs for the implementation.


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Equipment Design and Supply –

provide the detailed manufacturing design and supply of the core TBRC equipment, PLC and SCADA control, all peripheral and associated equipment necessary to implement the TBRC Process Plant.


Installation Supervision, Commissioning and Process Start-Up –

supervise the installation of the core TBRC plant and provide mechanical commissioning supervision to ensure the plant starts life correctly. In conjunction with JW technologies, provide process start-up to help the client ensure they have support in their process chemistry on first cycles.


Support, Maintenance, Enhancements and Audits –

An ongoing source of TBRC support, spare parts, mechanical enhancements and annual audits to ensure that the equipment is working as intended and any potential issues can be dealt with in a pro-active manner.