Oxy-Fuel Burners

We supply water-cooled oxy-fuel burners to our own design which have been developed to cope with the rigorous demands of high temperature furnace applications. We have several innovative designs which include built-in ignition, built-in flame sensor, oxygen to forced ventilation switch-over (oxy-fuel to normally aspirated), and other specialist features.

We use materials of construction which are appropriate for the demands in terms of exposure to high furnace temperatures up to 1600°C, and chemical attack. We have a range of burners dependent on the size of application you require; from 150 to 1000kw.


Service Trains

We build our service trains to industry standards required for thermal processing equipment in Europe and the United States; BS EN 746-2: 2010 Industrial thermo-processing equipment Parts 1 & 2. NFPA 86: Standard for Ovens and Furnaces For further information on oxy-fuel burners and gas service trains, please call us so we can discuss your requirement.