Lead Kettles, Pumps and Stirrers

We design and build our kettles with associated ancillary equipment specifically for the requirements of the customer.

We can supply kettle pots as a consumable, or design and install an entire kettle and housing as a new installation.

We typically supply kettles for the lead recovery and refining industry, such as lead scrap pots, lead refining kettles, lead-alloying kettles etc. The size and material specifications would be recommended per application.

We design and supply our own range of pumps and stirrers which are sized and specified for the application.

We design and supply ancillary equipment, such as drossing machines, utility bridges, hoods, platforms and feeding machines if required. We also design and supply the control and automation package so that the operator has full control over the process as intended by design.

For more information please contact us to discuss your requirement.