Inprotec Ltd specialises in the design and supply of pyrometallurgical process plant, specifically for the recovery, upgrade and refining of precious metals and lead, although our equipment can be applied to all non-ferrous pyromet applications.

Although Inprotec Ltd is a newly formed company it has been instantly recognised by many of the world’s leading lead and precious metals refineries as having a unique process and mechanical engineering capability with SRF and TBRC technology in particular with the treatments of PGM and Silver.

The company was formed specifically to provide these refineries with an engineering group dedicated to their industry since its personnel and partners were uniquely experienced and qualified to deal with their requirements.

The Top Blown Rotary Converter (TBRC) is a furnace that has found various applications over the years. It originated in the steel industry as the Kaldo, but has been superceded with a simpler static Oxygen Converter as the rotation was not deemed to be necessary for that process and was a constraint on the vast sizes required. The TBRC has also been used in the Lead, Copper and Nickel industry but over the last 20 years or so has been adopted as a de facto technology in the precious metals industry mainly in PGM and Silver upgrade. This is largely due to the process innovation by Dr. John Whellock who was a founding member of Tolltrek, and his own succeeding company JW Technologies LLC which brought together the former engineers of Tolltrek.

JW Technologies pioneered the development, testing and implementation of the Electric furnace -- TBRC concept of processing platinum group metals implemented for Stillwater Mining in the late eighties. It was also responsible for the TBRC anode slime technology applied first for Cominco and later for Noranda, CCR Division.

G.A. Oldroyd Ltd was incorporated in 1977. It was formed as a bespoke engineering company providing design, manufacture, and installation and commissioning of fume extraction, air pollution control, gas trail and mechanical handling equipment. The company's founder and director, Garry Oldroyd, using his engineering experience and expertise, steered the company into primary and secondary non-ferrous metal recovery plant through pyrometallurgical processes such as smelting, with a particular expertise in rotating furnace design. It was transferred in ownership to his son, Chris Oldroyd, in 2010 who took the decision to rebrand the company to Oldroyd Intec Ltd. Oldroyd Intec Ltd since 2010, under the directorship of Chris Oldroyd, has continued with the development of rotating furnace technology, specifically with Top Blown Rotary Converters (TBRC) for the precious metal refining industry. In this period we have moved to purpose built office and manufacturing facilities, invested heavily in machinery, software and personnel to ensure that we can continue to innovate and supply our customers with high quality, purpose built process plant that satisfies their requirements for function, budget and timescales from project inception to commissioning.

JW Technologies and Oldroyd Intec Ltd formed a strong working relationship in 2011 (initiated as the mechanical engineers within JW Technologies retired) and with the acknowledgment that the two companies have complimentary engineering skills

Oldroyd Intec Ltd – TBRC Mechanical Design & Manufacture experts

JW technologies – TBRC Process Design experts